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Dec 24 '16

Merry Christmas 2016

To all the beautiful souls around the world who read this, here are my Christmas wishes for you!   I wish you wonderful Christmas holidays! May your days and nights be filled with peace, love and joy! With all the terror, war and grief going on in the world, let us “think peace” and be the […]

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Nov 13 '16

Bei Eberhard Forcher in der Austrozone mit “Without You – Twin Flame”

#‎AZ134: In der AUSTROZONE: Natascha Hagen – Without You – Twin Flame Danke, lieber Eberhard Forcher für den tollen Beitrag! Hier geht’s zum YouTube Beitrag:

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Oct 25 '16

Video of my song Without You – Twin Flame out now

Hello dear music lovers, I am happy to tell you that the video of my song Without You – Twin Flame is now online. Ready to plunge into summer memories with me? Love, Natascha  

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Oct 16 '16

New Version of “Without You”, called “Without You – Twin Flame”

Hello dear ones! I hope you are enjoying your day! Since I was asked now several times why I released an old song again and why there was no orchestra involved in this one, although I had announced that I was working on orchestra recordings, I think I should explain this a bit further. “Without […]

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Oct 10 '16

Die Masken, die wir tragen

Wir alle kennen das: plötzlich steht jemand vor uns, bei dem unser Herz wie wild anfängt zu schlagen, unsere Knie werden weich, Schmetterlinge flattern im Bauch und wir haben das Gefühl, im Paradies angekommen zu sein. Doch auf einmal wendet sich der- oder diejenige ab und wir verstehen die Welt nicht mehr, denn es war […]

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