New Version of "Without You", called "Without You - Twin Flame" - Natascha Hagen

New Version of “Without You”, called “Without You – Twin Flame”

Oct 16 '16

New Version of “Without You”, called “Without You – Twin Flame”

Hello dear ones! I hope you are enjoying your day!

Since I was asked now several times why I released an old song again and why there was no orchestra involved in this one, although I had announced that I was working on orchestra recordings, I think I should explain this a bit further.

"Without You" is a song that I released in the year 2002 and that did pretty well in the Spanish charts. I wanted to make a new version of something that fans might still know as a reminder of those times before coming up with the brandnew songs!

"Without You - Twin Flame" is the new version of the song from the year 2002. Part of the lyrics are new.

Here you can download and stream the new version:

Right now there is only the old version on YouTube, where fans uploaded the song with content that they chose themselves without my permission. That's why I explicitly distance myself from videos and pictures that display half-naked women or other unserious content! I didn't upload those and it is hard to make people take down things like that from the internet. Right now I work on the official video for the single "Without You - Twin Flame", so within short there will finally be the new version of the song on YouTube as well!

On the upcoming album there will be brandnew songs, a lot of them were recorded with orchestra. The only song you already might have heard is "Remember Me," but on the album the song will have orchestra on. <3

Thanks for taking the time and reading this! I thought it might be important to clear questions or vagueness.

If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I always like to hear from you!

With love, Natascha