Video for ballad "Run" - Natascha Hagen

Video for ballad “Run”

Apr 3 '14

Video for ballad “Run”

Hello dear friends and fans,

I am pleased to announce that the video for my ballad "Run" is now online.

We shot in beautiful places, like the Tuscany in Italy and the labyrinth in Salem, Germany. My team and I chose shooting in those places, because the scenery allowed us to beautifully illustrate the situation of being trapped and surrounded by walls, but still finding a way out, no matter how tricky the situation may be. The message is to never linger on to the past, cause it's already gone, but to be confident of a new beginning, a new life, to always look for solutions, no matter how small the steps may be that you take at at time. Sometimes you make progress quickly and are able to exit circumstances that no longer fit you pretty fast and sometimes you get ahead slowly or even stand still, but always know that if you want to improve your life, you will find ways. Go ahead, a promising horizon awaits you!


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Enjoy! :-)