Recommendation from So So Gay Magazine - Natascha Hagen

Recommendation from So So Gay Magazine

Dec 18 '14

Recommendation from So So Gay Magazine

Hello everybody!




So So Gay Magazine recommended me and I had a nice interview with them.

You can read the interview by clicking here:



Here is the full interview as well:


#Recommended: Natascha Hagen


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For today’s #Recommended, Natascha told us the songs that make her…


The song ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham makes me smile, because when the radio stations start to play it, I know it will soon be Christmas, the time of the year, when you spend special moments with your loved ones, have nice chats while drinking coffee or tea and eating delicious Christmas cookies, watch romantic movies on the couch wrapped in a snug blanket…


The song ‘Beneath Your Beautiful‘ by Labrinth feat. Emeli Sandé makes me contemplate about how often we try to hide our true self behind a mask, because we are afraid that people won’t accept us with our flaws or what we think our flaws are, or we are afraid that we could be hurt if we open our heart to someone else and show our feelings. By doing that we deprive us from beautiful experiences.


Happy‘ by Pharrell Williams, because this song has such a contagious happiness about it that I almost immediately feel the need to dance.


Actually my own song ‘Remember Me’ that I am going to release on YouTube on the 25th of December as a Christmas gift to my fans makes me reminisce.

This song is about an encounter between two soulmates, a deep knowing that these two souls have known and loved each other for a very long time, although they have only shared some precious moments in this life.

I have had such an encounter and I am very grateful for it. To me it has been a life changing experience that love can be so deep, without having spent a lot of time together, that love can leave someone the way he/she is, with all the processes this person is going through and without demanding.

A love on a soul level – and although we most likely will never be a couple in this life, I know this love is one that lasts for eternity.

More on, when my song ‘Remember Me’ gets released on the 25 December.


I once listened to ‘These Islands’ by Danny Couch while getting a lomi lomi massage from one of my best friends and I found it really relaxing. It’s a beautiful song about Hawaii and in combination with the lomi lomi massage, I dived into another world when listening to it.

Motivates you

What Are You Waiting For?‘ by Nickelback.

I think it’s a great message not to wait for the outside to change, so that you do what you really wanna do, but to change your own perspective and believe in yourself and in your dreams, independently from what happens on the outside. We often come up with excuses to not do certain things, because we are afraid from failing. I also caught myself doing that. Songs like ‘What Are You Waiting For?’ put us in mind how important it is to trust yourself and go your way without procrastinating things.


‘Say Something’ by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera.

This song moves me so deeply when listening to it that my eyes begin to fill with tears, ’cause I know how hard it is when you have to let go of the person that you love, while that person is unable to say anything.

While I was going through this learning experience, I realized it doesn’t always automatically mean that the other person doesn’t love you, it does not even necessarily have something to do with you, just because he/she remains in silence, it just means that for whatever reason he/she decided that it is better to part ways, or at least for a certain time – be the reason fear, life circumstances, or because of a change he/she is going through etc.