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I hope you'll enjoy your journey with me into the realm of Pop music and inspirational thoughts!
Thank you very much for your continued love and support!

May 15 '15

Female First UK series – Say “yes” to yourself

Is it possible that you have unfulfilled desires that are bothering you subconsciously? Could it be that by striving for wealth and for success, you are looking for personal appreciation? A lot of times, we are compensating unfulfilled wishes with substitute actions, like shopping, eating, going to the hairdresser, superficial affairs etc., but without finding satisfaction (or only […]

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Apr 29 '15

Female First UK series – Unconditional love

“A mother’s love endures from your first breath to her last” – I think that “Susan Gale” quote describes very well that unique connection between a mother and her child, this special kind of love – a love that knows no boundaries, no end, a deep, pure, an eternal and UNCONDITIONAL love. However, why should […]

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Apr 12 '15

Inspiration for life – One hour a day to change your life

I guess you all know that scenario: You wake up, already exhausted by thinking about all the things you will have to do as the day is dawning – work, kids, mails, calls, cooking etc. etc….and as if this wasn’t enough, additional challenges freak you out during the day, like error messages on your computer or […]

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Apr 5 '15

Happy Easter

Dream as big as you can ♥ Enjoy yourself and your life to the fullest ♥ Laugh until your stomach hurts ♥ Love as if there is no tomorrow ♥   Happy Easter to all of you! Warmest wishes, Natascha    

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Mar 12 '15

Interview with the Music News

Hello everybody, I hope your week is going well for you and that you all have a lovely weekend planned! Here’s an interview I did with “The Music News“. Read the whole interview online: or here: Interview – Natascha Hagen album ‘Ambassador of Light’ on the way – follow @NataschaHagen   INTERVIEWS, POP March 11, 2015 […]

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